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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 4, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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in 1997. but today, they are in first place. >> got a line here. stand in line. >> if you're going to dream, dream big. >> first place already, so only the sky is the limit for us right now. we have the number 1 football team on the side of my head. baltimore ravens. if the orioles win the world series, i'll put them on the other side. >> go, birds. >> reporter: doesn't get much better than this. just ask the fans in the stands. >> if it's anything like this game, we're going to stay on top of the american league. >> so excited. >> with a 3-0 record, it can't get any better than that. >> you know, i have to mention that we have been covering opening day for the last three
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years and this year was different. people actually lined up waiting outside the gate. i think there is high hope and high expectation. and if they keep playing like they did today, it's going to be a great year. >> let's continue now with sports director mark viviano, with more on the highlights of the game and reaction to it. >> just stopped in and caught up with manager buck showalter, doing his post-game press conference. he said, we're doing practice in spring training. and ooltses the best -- it's the best start. reminisce ept of -- reminiscent of those glory days. ed weaver throwing out the as i ceremonial pitch. and the o's went on to continue that excellent pitching they have been getting through the first four games. today, jake arieta.
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struck out three detroit batters at once. the smallest hitter continues to swing the big bat. that's brian roberts with a 3-1 home run. o's go on to win it, 5-1. roberts talking about his thoughts during that at-bat. >> you just want to put somebody in play. you want to drive in one at least and see if you can get the other guy to third, too. and fortunate to put the barrel on one. >> brian roberts deliberate delivers. they continue to deliver outstanding starts. they'll rest here tomorrow at home. game two of the series is wednesday night. >> it was an absolutely incredible day to take in baseball at the yards. we set a record high temperature. it feels more like july than april. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. bob is tracking storms.
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but first up, here is meteorologist bernadette woods. >> where else would you be on a day like today? gotta be outside. and you were down for this earlier. and we knew it warmed up. but wow, did it ever warm up today. we hit a new record high temperature of 86 degrees. at this time old record was 83. quite a swing from where we have been lately, for sure. and even compared to our averages, we're over 20 degrees. 25 degrees above them. so yes, enjoy today. because we do have some changes coming. a big roller coaster for the coming week. and that starts tomorrow night. here's bob. unbelievable day. it was such -- such a great feeling being down. things are going to change, weatherwise. overnight tonight, take a look at radar. we have a strong front out to the west. we have showers and thunderstorms and gusty winds and rain out there. overnight, i'm talking 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. we're looking for these showers and storms across the region.
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and there could be very gusty winds, 50 miles an hour. and downpours, probably right when you're headed out to work in the morning. and temperatures will be thawing throughout the day tomorrow. so we've we've seen the warm day today. tomorrow by this time, probably only in the upper 40s. denise? >> thank you, bob. orioles legend brooks robinson continues to recover. he was admitted when he was scheduled for a routine outpatient procedure. there has been a huge outpouring of support for him. you can go to and click on the sports tab on the home page. and we have learned that former governor william donald schaefer was improving. the 48-year-old hopes that schaefer will leave the hospital in a few days. schaefer was admitted thursday night, after he had trouble breathing. federal investigators examined the boeing 737 aircraft, making sure they are
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safe to fly. it comes after a massive hole breaks out during a flight. wjz is live at bwi marshall. a major southwest hub. mike hellgren takes an indepth look at the safety concerns tonight. mike? >> well, vic, there are more than 350 southwest arrivals and departures here. this is affecting about 5% of the flights. and they've found cracks in three of the jets. >> reporter: these are images inside southwest flight 812. after a hole in the fuse lag at 8,000 feet. >> all of a sudden, the masks dropped and it's really, really windy. and my ears hurt. >> reporter: southwest began voluntarily inspecting the oldest of its aircraft, finding cracks in three more, leading to several cancellations at bwi marshall. >> with me being in the air so much, i don't want to feel uncomfortable, when i get on the airplane.
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>> it's still a safe mode of transportation. still one of the safest. safer than driving in a car across country. >> reporter: the inspectors found most of them were fine. but questions persisted about what caused the fuselage to rip open on flight 212. >> untrntly, we're seeing a lot -- unfortunately, we're seeing a lot. >> we're responding to an in- flight emergency. >> in 2009, a hole opened on a flight bound for southwest baltimore, on the same type of plane under scrutiny now. at the time, the inspector general told wjz about concerns over inspections. >> some of the aging aircraft protocols that cover these inspections did not cover this particular part of the airplane, which is ridiculous. >> reporter: southwest calls the problem "new and unknown" and wants to reassure customers, it's in compliance with all federal. >> if they're coming up front and forward with it, they'll make the changes they need to make.
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>> and you have no qualms about flying? >> oh, god, no. no. >> reporter: it takes 4 to 5 hours to inspect each plane. and they run a current through the fuselage to determine if there are any cracks. reporting live at bwi marshall, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> 171 of southwest's planes are boeing 737, 300 was. it's --300s. it's an older aircraft that is no longer being manufactured. tonight, new information in the case of a man accused of killing has sister's fiance. kai has more on the investigation. kai? >> denise, police have identified a suspect in this. 24-year-old doniel wilkins is accused of stabbing cleveland. cleveland was reportedly fighting with wilkins' sister. police say he heard the argument, went outside and stabbed him in the back. wilkins waited for police to arrive and was taken into
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custody. >> he is currently being held at the baltimore county detention center without bail. police are investigating a murder in essex. they were called to the 300 block of gold grove. when they arrived, the woman was dead. her identity has not yet been released. we have breaking news to tell you about now. a serious accident on 895. captain mike perry with more. >> we are southbound 895 in east baltimore. this is at eastern avenue, right in front of bayview hospital, where a school bus has collided with the rear of a car, running over the back of the car, causing the person inside the vehicle to be trapped for a period of time. paramedics and fire rescue crews, just a few moments ago, rescued a man from inside this mangled vehicle. it's difficult to tell what kind of vehicle he was. but that person was taken to a waiting ambulance. they will be transported to a
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local hospital. we know the driver of the bus was injured. and at least one other person. there's three total medic units on the scene here. the big issue is southbound 895 is closed at eastern avenue. they're making traffic divert off prior to eastern avenue. so if you're coming southbound, take i-95. stay away from 895. as this accident scene remains under investigation. maryland transportation authority police are on the scene. we'll keep you updated as the situation merits. baltimore budget, 2012. emergency services leader meet with the may tor-- mayor to hash out what is getting what this year. and without it, they say taxpayers will suffer. >> reporter: while the mayor is not proposing any cuts to the police or fire department, some say there is still not enough money to provide the best service possible to those who live in the city. >> reporter: following the historically painful budget battle, between baltimore
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police and its fire departments, the city's top cop calls this year's number crunching a stark contrast. >> this has been a much, much more efficient and effective process as we move along. >> reporter: the mayor's proposed plan for police, includes a 2% pay increase to offset furlough costs. and money to build 300 vacant and anticipated job openings. >> we're hiring. we need applicants. and we're looking for good quality recruits throughout the region. >> reporter: while the police department seems relatively satisfied, the fire's union has harsh words for the mayor, calling her budget plan, quote, lacking in reality, substance and value. >> the budget document that was given out uses the word "improved "throughout, when it is speaking of public service. >> we don't understand how they're going to improve public safety with the exact same things they're doing now.
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>> despite a $2.5 million increase in their budget, firefighters say they need more money to raise more response times 5% below the national standards. and to stop rotating closures. but the mayor seems clear they are fighting for safety. >> i have faith and they have faith that we are going to get to better times. and we're going to be able to dwindle down. started at six rotating closures. and now we're down to three. i'm encouraged. >> reporter: whether the budgets will be trimmed ultimately depends how much money the state gives the city. reporting from baltimore, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> under the mayor's proposal, city taxes will not go up. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. flying high. the latest airline rankings are out. which company is the best for getting you to your destination on time. i'm alex demetrick. economic up. evening the playing field by putting an early hit on
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steroids. that story coming up as eyewitness news continues. higher learning. stunning allegations of a sexually hostile environment, at a world-famous ivy league school. and an incredible early april evening. will it stick around? and will it last? we'll have the forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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federal civil rights are looking for word that an ivy league school has a sexually
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hostile environment. a warning, you may find some contents of the video disturbing. >> yale university is among the most sacred institutions. but now, allegations are emerging that cast a shadow behind those ivy league walls. >> reporter: in this shaky video, yale fraternity brothers chant sexually-charged slurs, like "no means yes." and here, posed with a sign, reading "we love yale sluts." this is an investigation into whether yale university is a hostile environment. >> what we're saying is that yale is responding to private instances. has said as a comprehend us, this is okay. -- campus, this is okay. >> that has pushed some to file a complaint, charging the university has repeatedly failed to take action on harassment and sex crimes. >> yale has never expelled
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someone for the crime of rape. never. >> is that what we're talking about here? rape? >> absolutely. >> the school refutes the charges, adding in a statement, yale does not and will not tolerate sexual harassment. if the charges are true, the ivy league school would be in violation of title ix. the federal mandate, which bars any school that receives federal funding from discriminating based on gender. at stake, more than $500 million. >> what do you say to someone who says, my gosh, you are just overreacting. >> i don't think misogyny is funny. i don't think bigotry is funny. i think hateful speech can have a huge impact. >> reporter: it's unclear what impact this complaint will have on this storied university. now, forced to defend its rich tradition, against a newly exposed reputation. setting doan, cbs news, -- seth
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doan, cbs news, new haven, connecticut. a delay in the perjury trial of baseball home run king barry bonds. a juror called in sick, reportedly suffering from gall stones. this comes as the government tries to get new evidence admitted. the evidence is secretly recorded conversation between bonds' orthopedic surgeon and bonds' former business partner. bonds is accused of lying about alleged steroid abuse. >> reporter: putting a hit on steroids. that challenge starts at the top, with pro players. and as alex alex demetrick reports, 1/2 commissioner roger goodell wants student athletes to know it. >> reporter: making it in the nfl is a tough dream to make real. strength and speed brings stardom. steroids for attempting a shortfall. >> it has become more of an issue now because i mean, to see professional athletes is humongous. >> by a show of hands, how many have dreams of playing in a
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national football league? no one wants to play. but before we'll compete against someone. >> that message was delivered to 700 student athletes around the region at woodlawn high school. and it was emphasized by -- >> roger goodell. >> reporter: the nfl commissioner made clear that steroid use is a potential killer for pro players. >> we support these programs that make it clear tayoung athletes, old -- that young athletes, older athletes should not be taking these illegal substances. >> you do not need to take these drugs. play the game right. play the game safe. and follow the rules. >> reporter: the warnings have been heard before. and some have already taken them to heart. >> we're trying to stay away from because we know it's not healthy for our bodies. >> everybody wants to get better without working hard. but they always say hard work pays off. it's got to get hard to get
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better. >> reporter: whether it's a run friday night or a run at light. >> besides steroid use, commissioner goodell pledges to make the league more of a player on the issue of concussions among student athletes. you know it's absolutely incredible out there. getting to the annual cherry blossom festival. they are expected to be in full bloom until at least april 10th. beautiful. >> today would have been a day, wouldn't it? >> you have serious wind overnight. and rain, which could knock some of those blossoms down, unfortunately. but it's absolutely amazing afternoon. take a look at temps. after 6:00. it's 85 degrees. what you see also is the humidity only 19%. this is a very dry, very warm air mass. southwest winds at 13. we had gusts up to 30 earlier. and the barometer is pretty low. looks like it is going to fall a little more and rise tomorrow, as the front comes through the area tonight, talk
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about the storms after this. ,,,,,,,, ,,,
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can't say it enough. it's a great day for opening day at camden yards. >> and because she can't get enough, meteorologist bernadette woods is there. i understand she pitched a tent. >> that's right. we decided to come down, join the crew, as they clean up.
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we will get ready for another game. it's been so much fun watching this all come together. now, i'm glad we got a chance to enjoy today, because we do have changes coming weatherwise. we'll find out with first warning doppler radar. this is a massive storm. and take a look at how much we lucked out. we had the rain during the early morning hours. it moved out just in time for the sunshine to really warm up the afternoon. and this cold front is moving our way overnight. and not only do we see thunderstorms and heavy rain with this, but the potential for severe weather. so that's a strong possibility with that. more on that, and what's going to happen with this entire forecast, because there are a lot of ups and downs, we send it if to bob. >> it was spectacular. beyond all expectations. what a great day. let's take a look at temps around the region. it's still extremely warm out here. 86 in cumberland. we're at last report, 85. 81 in easton. 61, ocean city. that just shows you how
6:24 pm
effective -- how that ocean does affect temperatures. eastern baltimore county, temperatures only inked -- in the mid-70s. 83 in pax river. locally, still very, very warm. upper 70s to 80-degree mark. just amazing afternoon. 86/43 today. 61, 39 are the averages. and the record -- and the averages, the record there. previously, 83. right now, it's the southerly and southwesterly winds that kept the land breeze going. close to the water, a lot cooler. 13, 15, 25. and later tonight, the wind gusts. when we get these thunderstorms moving through the region overnight tonight. this strong frontal system did cause severe weather out over the midwest yesterday. and this morning, strong thunderstorms moving from the great lakes into the ohio valley. still have some severe storms there. luckily for us, the front is
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going to pass 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. we have a line of showers and thunderstorms. overnight tonight, they'll move across the region. late, late tonight, 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. and officially, temperatures will start to fall, once the front comes through. much cooler conditions by tomorrow afternoon, this time, we'll probably be back in the upper 40s. and a little warmer, we think, for wednesday. maybe a shower here late in the day. and a small craft advisory tomorrow. so tonight, look for those storms, late, late tomorrow overnight. 59 to below 60. and temperatures in the low 60s early in the day, dropping to the 50s to probably about upper 40s by this time. and tell be clearing out by afternoon. so big changes coming. won't be nearly as warm as it was today. probably for at least a couple of weeks maybe. not this week. but we have pretty decent weather actually. with opening day here, fans are in a mood to celebrate.
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wjz f.m., 105, the fan, held this pregame party, outside pickles pub, just across the street from the stadium today. 105 the fan will broadcast all free orioles games from pickles. i wonder how many are still alt pickles pub, celebrating the victory? >> see, they had coca colas in their hands. a violent torpedo of truth tour. how charlie sheen is being seen. a car plunged six stories from a parking garage. and the woman inside lives to tell about it. work to death. a new study that may make you think twice abab,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're now about 85 seconds away from 4:30. good evening. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. we have breaking news to tell you about, a person struck and killed just off of interstate 95. captain mike perry is live over the scene with more. >> reporter: a horrible accident, vicment and it's going to cause major problems
6:30 pm
throughout the evening drive. but unfortunately, someone lost their life here. a pedestrian, walking off the ramp, from 395 onto southbound i-95. we don't know whether he was walking or attending another vehicle. but apparently, struck by a vehicle, apparently pronounced dead almost immediately on the scene. the police have closed. maryland transportation authority and city police have closed southbound 395 just south of right around russell street area. so you can expect delays if you're trying to get out of the camden yards area. the alternate route at this point has not been designated. russell street is open. but this is 95, between 395 and russell street. coming south out of the city is not a good idea. use an alternate route as police remain on the scene, conducting their investigation. we'll stay on top of the situation and try to keep you updated as it updates. back to you. >> thank you very much.
6:31 pm
captain mike perry, live in sky eye chopper 13. statistics show, airlines did a better job last year of getting passengers to their luggage and more on time. but the statistics may not reveal the true picture. >> reporter: more travelers complained about their flights last year. but the latest ranking showed the industry actually stepped up its game. >> the airline quality score, this particular year is the third best year we've had in 20 years. >> reporter: the latest statistics showed they lost fewer bags, bumped fewer passengers and had better on- time arrivals. in fact, over half were on time for their flights. of the 16 largest kareniers, air tran took the top spot. hawaiian airlines came in second. jet blue was third. one area that showed consistent
6:32 pm
improvement was baggage handling. that's because since the airlines started charging back e baggage fees, people just aren't checking as much in. >> reporter: carriers are scheduling fewer flights, which means they're much more crowded. >> reporter: and if your flight does get canceled, it's tough to rebook. >> there's no middle seat left. airplanes are 80 to 85, some portion out some of hub operations are full. >> reporter: the airlines with the worst scores are comair, atlantic southeast, and american eagle. the same three as the year before. >> reporter: alexis christoforous, wjz eyewitness news. >> and southwest airlines had the lowest number of consumer complaints. >> reporter: a cover-up in the investigation to the cause of the worst oil spill in u.s. history. conflicting stories are out tonight. mary is live in the newsroom with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: and vic, the investigator who examined the device who failed to stop the
6:33 pm
oil spill, said his company was not pressured to meet a critical deadline. the blow jotout preventer failed after an explosion last april, sending millions of gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico. a company executive says the tests that were skipped would not have changed the result. the company concluded the device failed because of faulty divine and a piece of bent metal. bp argues more testing should have been done before testing was reached. >> reporter: this is all part of the investigation into who will take the blame for the oil disaster. well, the clock is ticking for lawmakers to, avoid a partial shutdown of the federal government. the bill they passed, runs out on friday. danielle nottingham reports, both sides are working on a csm compromise. >> reporter: the federal -- compromise. >> the federal government is headed for another potential shutdown. in the past few months, congress has approved two short- term extensions.
6:34 pm
one thing both sides agree on is that now they need a bill to fund the government through september. >> this is more of numbers. this is people. >> reporter: republicans and democrats appear to be inching towards the compromise that would slash $33 billion for the rest of the year. but not everybody is happy. gop lawmakers, backed by the tea parties say, those cuts just aren't deep enough. >> reporter: republicans insist, the biggest threat to the country is the deficit. and now is the time to get serious about cutting spending. the democrats warned, cutting too deep could put the nation's economic recovery in jeopardy. >> this bill that did such mean- spirited things, not to cut the debt, but send an ideological message. >> we're trying to reduce spending. and our democratic friends are trying to hang onto old ideas. that every time you try to reduce spending, you're being cruel and mean. >> neither side wants to cut down the government as expected.
6:35 pm
but the fight doesn't stop there. once this year's budget is finished, they'll tackle next year. >> reporter: tomorrow, republicans will unveil their plan for 2012. they say their proposal will cut almost $4 trillion in deficits next year and make big changes in medicare. so the debate over spending is far from over. >> reporter: in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> if the government does shut down on friday, not every service would stop in its tracks. contingency plans keep several essential agencies up and running, such as the military, law enforcement agencies, and air trafl traffic controllers. in a reversal, the obama administration says they will face a military commission to stand trial. khalid sheikh mohammed admits planning the attack, but instead of facing charges, mohammed and four coconspirators will face a military tribunal. the attorney general says the
6:36 pm
government can no longer delay bringing the men to justice. spending long hours on the job may mean long hours in your doctor's office. a new study shows the more you work, -- work, the more you're at risk of heart disease. kendis gibson has more. >> truck driver, brian avila, can't remember the last time he worked an eight-hour day. >> for us, it's closer to 14, 15 hours. >> reporter: but those long hours on the road may be driving him closer to heart disease. a new study, published in the annals of internal medicine, finds people who run ru teenly work 11 or 12 hours a day, increase their risk of heart disease, 16 to 17%. >> this may be the first time they've taken this long-working hours aspect and combine today with an existing risk score. >> reporter: the study followed more than 7,000 workers for more than a decade, adjusting for other risk factors, like
6:37 pm
high cholesterol, high blood pressure. >> many people, from doctors to construction workers, have to put in a lot more time each day. >> reporter: researchers didn't say why the longer hours didn't increase the risk of heart disease. but cardiologists have their suspicion. >> when you're working longer hours, you're subjected to more stress. >> reporter: despite the findings, avila says he has no plans of slowing down. >> it's hard enough. you have to work as many hours as you can out here, just to make a living. >> reporter: a living that could impact how long he lives. kendis gibson, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, nearly half a million americans died from coronary heart disease in 2005, according to the centers for disease control. every year, about 785,000 americans have a first heart attack. additional risk factors, of course, include obesity, diabetes, and being physically
6:38 pm
inactive. a tribute for a long-time member of the orioles family before the game today. ♪ [ music ] tyler passed away, after the umpire's umpire's name will be renamed. not such a big secret. president obama makes it official, he will seek re- election. fields of flame,. i'm bob turk. first warning weather center. i'll have the exclusive five- day forecast. and wjz 13 is always on. and here are the top stories on at this hour. for updated information, log onto dry mouth is uncomfortable.
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an off the australian woman is lucky to be alive tonight. the woman was trapped inside a car for about half an hour,
6:42 pm
before emergency crews were finally able to get her out. amazingly, she only suffered a few minor cuts and bruises. police are still trying to figure out what happened. crews in new mexico are trying to get a handle on a massive wildfire that has already scorched thousands of acres of land. high winds helped to fuel the fires which more than tripled overnight. more than 1,000 people are without power. the cause. that fire is still under investigation. it is now official, president obama announced today, he will run again for president in 2012. and as joel brown reports, the president once again turned to the internet to fire up his supporters. president obama made it official, with an e-mail, a tweet and this internet video. he wants a second term in the white house. >> it's individuals talking to other individuals and making a difference. >> reporter: the campaign is counting on grassroots momentum, in a message to more than 13 million supporters, the president says it's time to
6:43 pm
start mobilizing for 2012. >> it's all about the people who gathered and signed up their friends. and that's what the campaign is trying to rekindle again, the feeling of 2008. >> the election is just beginning. it will mark the start of what many think will be the first $1 billion presidential campaign. >> in the coming weeks, president obama will head to chicago, san francisco and los angeles to raise money. while he's not expected to face any democratic challengers, the republican field taking shape is a crowded one. no gop candidates officially running yet. but the party launched an ad campaign. >> we need leadership as you do nothing, as we pile up debts we cannot afford. >> reporter: between now and 2012, the president will have to boost the economy, as well as his hghts care overhaul --
6:44 pm
healthcare overhaul, as he tries to raise mony. katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. how did the cracks on the 737s happen? and are other airlines flying faulty planes? plus, did yale university, ignore complaints of sexual harassment. and an entire building being set aside for kids being raised by their grandparents. steve hartman takes you there. those stories and much more tonight, on the cbs evening news, wjz than,.com. -- wjz baum. >> here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. street. we'l'l,,,,,,,,,,
6:45 pm
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yes, it is an incredible monday evening here in charles county. live look outside. however, we could be in storm for some storms later tonight. let's get a final look at the forecast. bob is here. but first up is bernadette woods who still hasn't. >> things start to change
6:48 pm
tomorrow. here's the forecast. starting tonight, strong thunderstorms come our way. probably severe weather associated with this cold cold front. that's going to last into the morning hours. then the rain will eventually come to an end. as we come to the midday. you notice, the temperatures. yes, we're forecasting a high in the low 60s. but that's early in the day. those temperatures will fall throughout the afternoon, gusty winds out of the northwest. and that cool air is going to stick around temporarily. but nothing like we've had recently. so for the rest of the five- day, here's bob. >> and by this time tomorrow night, they'd be around 49, 50 degrees. temperatures are going to drop. that's in the low 60s. down to 34 tomorrow night. so we go from 86 to 34 in a day and a half. 60 on wednesday. 68 on thursday. chance of some rain here on friday, as maybe some drizzle, 62. and lover recovering with partly cloudy skies saturday. back up to 68. not too shabby, considering what we've had in the last couple of weeks. mixed reviews, for charlie
6:49 pm
sheen's one-man show so far. it shows them chanting refunds. while others walk out. however, his next show in chicago was met with mostly positive reviews. sheen lost his tour, which he calls, "my violent torpedo of truth, after recently being fired from two and a half men. >> i don't think it's coming to our area anyway. >> not going to happen. still to come on eyewitness news. mark is live at the ballpark. hello, mark. >> from what you just said, mostly positive reviews. that applies to tonight's or today's home opener. but there is a tinge of bad news that ,,,,,,,,
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well, you've got my attention, mark, saying there is bad news. he's live at wjz105.7, the fan sports report. >> the orioles continue to pitch well. but there is more bad news from the pitching staff. we're told tonight that starting pitcher jeremy guthrie now has potential pneumonia. he's going to miss has scheduled start wednesday. and no word yet on how long
6:53 pm
jeremy guthrie is going to be laid up. but the good news, the first opening day for manager buck showalter. pitcher jake arrieta told us, he was so nervous for the start and had cotton mouth and needed extra water. they allowed one run and struck out 3. big hit off the bat of brian roberts. it will get out of the park for a three-run, home run. put the o's on top, 4-1. roberts second home run of this season. add another one in that inning. matt sweeters will bloop a double that will bring home nick markakis. he comes home. he had three hits in the game. the orioles improve to 4-0. and again, it's the pitching that gets it done. >> it's the young guys, including myself fwe go out there and keep our team in the game. pitching in the 6th, 7th, and
6:54 pm
8th inning. that we're going to come out on top, more times than not. >> reporter: so the orioles and tigers will have tomorrow off. again, back at it wednesday. and again, the news, jeremy guthrie will not make his scheduled start. diagnosed with a form of pneumonia. we go from baseball's hoper to college basketball's finish. butler will battle yuton tonight, here in houston. butler won sunday. bulldogs are now back in the championship game for a second straight year. two straight unlikely runs for butler. makes you wonder, was this inevitable? >> we know how hard it is to get here. and to be able to have this opportunity again. you know, it's not an easy task. there's -- you know, you have to win six games. and you're playing six really good teams. >> well, butler has never won
6:55 pm
the championship before. connecticut going for yet another title for them. you can see the battle here on wjz tonight. coverage comes your way at 9:00. the connecticut women won the last two ladies championships. but their quest for a third was stopped in the semifinals by notre dame in an upset. skiler digins. notre dame knocks off connecticut, 72-63. that sets up a women's championship matchup of the irish, against texas a&m. they'll play that game in indianapolis, tomorrow night. and again, the orioles back at it wednesday, off to a 4-0 start, which is their best since 1997. which happens to be the last year they were in the play- offs. you can dream. it's early but it's fun. and the o's are looking good. that will do it from here on the home opener. back to you for now. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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that's it for us now. we'll be back after the championship game. i'm vic carter. >> and for bob and for mark, who is at the ballpark? i'm denise koch. don't go away, there is much more ahead on the cbs evening news with katie couric, including the latest on japan's japan's nuclear crisis. ,,
6:59 pm
>> couric: tonight, boeing calls for special inspections of 737s as cracks are found in more southwest planes and the airline cancels hundreds of flights. i'm katie couric. also tonight, an about-face for the obama administration. the 9/11 conspiracy trial will be held at guantanamo. one of america's top universities is accused of turning a blind eye to sexual harassment and assault. and "assignment america." a hemobuilt with love-- the kind only a grandmother can give. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. the f.a.a. is about to order airlines that fly older boeing 737s to check them for mid-en metal fatigue. this, of course, follows the emergency landing of a southwest


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